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Avole Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee Club Tickets

Coffee Club Tickets

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Unlock a world of exceptional coffee experiences with our exclusive membership tiers. From the Community level, fostering connections among passionate coffee enthusiasts, to the esteemed Sponsor tier, indulging in personalized consultations and access to coffee experts, we have curated a range of options to suit every coffee lover.

As an Explorer, receive bi-weekly deliveries of hand-selected, freshly roasted beans, alongside access to video tutorials and a 10% discount on additional purchases. Upgrade to the Patron tier for a premium selection, surprise gifts, and limited edition releases, complemented by a 15% discount. Finally, our elite Sponsor tier offers personalized consultations, exclusive virtual sessions, priority access to rare coffees, and a generous 20% discount.

With flexible monthly membership options available, our coffee club ensures that you can tailor your experience to your preferences. Immerse yourself in the Avole Life, discover new flavors, and join a community that shares your passion for exceptional coffee. Embrace the art of coffee exploration today and savor the journey with Avole Xpress Coffee Club.

  1. Community [$0]:

    • Access to a private online community or forum for coffee enthusiasts.
    • Exclusive updates on upcoming coffee-related events, promotions, and new releases.
    • Invitation to in-person club meetings, coffee tastings and educational sessions.
  2. Explorer [$15 Bi-Weekly]:

    • All benefits of the Community tier.
    • Bi-weekly delivery of a curated selection of freshly roasted coffee beans.
    • Access to video tutorials and brewing guides for different brewing methods.
    • 10% discount on additional coffee purchases.

    Monthly Membership Price: $30

  3. Patron [$40 Bi-Weekly]:

    • All benefits of the Explorer tier.
    • Premium coffee selection, including single-origin or specialty coffees.
    • Quarterly surprise coffee-related gift or accessory.
    • Exclusive access to limited edition coffee releases.
    • 15% discount on additional coffee purchases.

    Monthly Membership Price: $80

  4. Sponsor [$65 Bi-Weekly]:

    • All benefits of the Patron tier.
    • Personalized coffee consultation to cater to individual preferences.
    • Invitation to quarterly live virtual sessions with renowned coffee experts.
    • Priority access to limited supply and specialty reserve coffees.
    • 20% discount on additional coffee purchases.

    Monthly Membership Price: $130

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